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The most exciting roof integrated solar product in years

SolFit installation

The SolFiT Top Loader

An ingeniously simple and aesthetic roof integrated PV framing system.

The SoLFiT in roof PV system

  1. The fastest, easiest and safest system on the market to instal
  2. Incredibly aesthetic, all black roof integrated finish
  3. Strong, durable and water tight, all metal frame and mounting system
  4. High efficiency European Bisol 285Wp PV laminates
  5. Designed & manufactured in the UK

For the distributor

The SolFiT Top Loader is the most exciting new roof integrated product to appear on the market in years. We are looking to establish a small but comprehensive distribution network.

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For the installer

The SolFiT Top Loader has been designed to make life as easy as possible for the installer. A roof integrated solar tile that is compatible with every tile and slate type and only requires a bag of screws to install.

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For the end user

Are you looking for a highly aesthetic, modern solar tile that sits flush with your roof tiles or slates? The SolFiT Toploader is a UK manufactured solar tile, manufactured from the highest quality component parts for maximum output and efficiency.

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SolFiT Kit Builder Tool

Our Kit Builder tool for installers calculates the flashings and kit required for the array you design, and prices the parts for you. It runs in Microsoft Excel and is downloadable below.

SolFiT Kit Builder

Award Winning

We are delighted to announce that we have won the award for the Best Innovative Renewable Energy Product at the Build awards 2016.

Solfit Installation Timelapse

The video demonstrates the ease and speed of the installation of Solfit, with the Solfit / BiSol in-roof system.

Intersolar We've been nominated!